Donate to tigers
with Hull City Tigers

could pay for a
tiger monitoring camera
in Nepal
could pay for one days
anti-poaching patrol
in Bardia National Park, Nepal
could pay for
sniffer dog training
in Chitwan National Park
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A century ago, there are thought to have been around 100,000 tigers in the wild. Now there are only around 3,900.

Since Hull City Tigers was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, it's possible that over 95% of wild tigers have been lost, which is why the Club has decided to form this new partnership to help raise awareness and funds for tiger conservation.

We're working to end the illegal trade in tigers and their parts, and helping local communities protect their habitats. We’re already making good progress towards this goal and wild tiger numbers are slowly increasing.

But there’s still much work to be done, especially with poaching on the rise due to the demand for illegal wildlife products such as tiger bone wine.

We can’t do this alone. Our work is only possible through the generous donations of supporters like you. Please help by donating today.

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