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It’s shocking to think that more African elephants are now being poached than born. Around 55 elephants are killed a day for their tusks.

Just like us, elephants feel complex emotions. Like us, they feel loss. Join our passionate community of supporters who are committing to give every month to help protect our planet and its amazing wildlife. Your support will help us fight the illegal wildlife trade and fund other vital work around the world.

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£20 a month could buy a pair of binoculars for elephant monitoring.


£10 a month could pay for the costs of an anti-poaching patrol in the field for one day in Bardia National Park, Nepal.


£8 a month could pay for a memory card for a camera trap to help monitor Amur leopards in the Russian Far East.


£5 a month could buy a rain poncho to enable turtle conservation groups in coastal east Africa to work in all weathers.

What we’re doing

These are the critical areas where your support could really help us.

Supporting anti-poaching programmes

Supporting the teams of rangers and local people on the ground who put their lives on the line to protect elephants and other wildlife from poachers.

Tackling trafficking

Exposing key hotspots where ivory and other illegal products are being smuggled, bought, and sold - and fighting to get them closed down.

Reducing buying

Encouraging initiatives to help people realise that animals are worth more alive than dead, and reduce consumer demand.

Working with governments

Putting pressure on governments to have the right laws and policies in place to make it possible to stop the illegal wildlife trade, once and for all.

Restoring wildlife

Poaching is an ever-growing threat, but there are successes to celebrate. Wild tiger numbers have begun to increase for the first time in conservation history, and China has committed to ban all trade in ivory.

Protecting our vital planet

Your support helps our work around the world. That includes everything from protecting forests, oceans and rivers to reducing carbon emissions and improving the way we treat our planet.

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