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“It is up to all of us to protect the natural world – and there’s no time to lose.”

- HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh

We are deeply saddened by news that HRH The Duke of Edinburgh has passed away, and we remain hugely grateful for his lifelong contribution to our work.

His interest in wildlife and nature was long-standing, and Sir Peter Scott invited him to become involved in the founding of WWF. In 1961, The Duke launched WWF’s first national appeal for funds to save the natural world.

As well as visiting hundreds of WWF project sites across five continents, The Duke promoted conservation issues at the highest levels of government and business. He attended and chaired many conservation meetings, conferences and summits – and assisted with fundraising and increasing awareness of our work. He was wholeheartedly committed to inspiring people, from the public to world leaders, to protect nature and wildlife.

The Duke was a powerhouse of persuasion and helped us develop into the respected global conservation organisation we are today.

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