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From the millions of tonnes of plastic in our oceans. To the widespread killing of elephants for their tusks. And the worsening impacts of climate change. In so many ways, our planet is suffering but together we can make a difference.

We’re fighting to change this, but we can’t do it alone. Join our passionate community of supporters who are committing to give every month to help protect our planet and its amazing wildlife. Your support will help us fund our vital work around the world.

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£20 a month could pay for a school visit by WWF-trained education assistants to provide environmental education to children in the Colombian rainforest.


£10 a month could pay for the costs of an anti-poaching patrol in the field for one day in Bardia National Park, Nepal.


£8 a month could pay for a memory card for a camera trap to help monitor Amur leopards in the Russian Far East.


£5 a month could buy a rain poncho to enable turtle conservation groups in coastal east Africa to work in all weathers.

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Restoring wildlife

We are facing a global poaching crisis, but there are successes to celebrate. Wild tiger numbers have begun to increase for the first time in conservation history, and China has committed to ban all trade in ivory.

Sustaining forests and oceans

We're aiming for significant increases in the area of forests and oceans that are properly protected and well-managed in places we regard as particularly vital.

Reducing carbon emissions

We’re developing coalitions that can shift energy policy and reduce carbon emissions in Europe, China, India and Brazil, in order to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Trading sustainable seafood and timber

We're pressing for radical changes that'll transform the timber and seafood sectors in the UK.

Keeping rivers flowing

We're striving to secure or improve the flow of four or more of the world's great rivers. And we’re helping to put measures in place to return UK rivers to good ecological health.

Living sustainably

We’re addressing the drivers of environmental degradation and promoting a ‘one planet’ economy where people and nature thrive.

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