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The magnificent elephant is under threat; around 55 African elephants are killed a day for their tusks. Key populations are in decline due to poaching and a shrinking habitat.

In Asia, elephants have disappeared from approximately 85% of their historic range. While in Africa, poaching is an ever-present threat. Shockingly, more African elephants are now being poached than born.


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Animal adoptions like yours give a huge boost to our work. They help fund our work to protect elephant habitat, reduce poaching and address human-elephant conflict. They also help fund other vital work around the world.

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Elephants play an important role in maintaining their habitat. They’re grazers and browsers, eating large amounts of vegetation every day – which helps shape the landscapes they live in.


50%decline in Asiaover 3 generations

Human-elephant conflict

Crop-raiding elephants can cause loss of income, food and even lives. Farmers sometimes kill elephants to protect their family or income.

Habitat loss

As the human population grows, more and more wildlife habitat is lost or fragmented.


Around 20,000 African elephants are poached every year. Across their range, elephants are killed for their tusks, meat and skin.

90%African elephantslost in past century

Illegal wildlife trade

The illegal trade in elephant ivory is at its highest level for 20 years.

How we can help

We’re helping protect habitats and improve connections between fragmented areas where elephants live. We're working with governments and local communities to reduce conflict between people and elephants. And we’re influencing policy and legislation to benefit elephant conservation.

We're working with TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, to help train law enforcement agencies and lobby governments to improve laws on wildlife crime, including the illegal elephant trade.

Your adoption and support will help us:

  • protect habitats and restore degraded biological corridors
  • train and equip anti-poaching patrols
  • work with local communities to monitor elephant movement and reduce human-elephant conflict
  • fund our other essential work around the world

Female elephants live in close family groups, led by the matriarch.

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