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The elusive jaguar has been virtually wiped out from most of its northern range. Jaguars now occupy less than half of their historic habitat.

In the Amazon, a stronghold for the jaguar, we're losing an area of rainforest around the size of three football pitches every minute.


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Animal adoptions like yours give a huge boost to our work. They help fund projects to work with local communities to monitor jaguar movements and help protect their habitat.

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Map of jaguars range

Jaguars are now found mainly in the Amazon and the Pantanal – a huge wetland area in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Nearly 90% of the jaguars’ current range is in the Amazon rainforest. Jaguars often live near water and are excellent swimmers – they’re able to cross large rivers.


90%of current rangeis Amazon rainforest

Habitat loss

In the Amazon an area of rainforest the size of three football pitches is lost every minute. These forests are a key habitat for jaguars.

Jaguar silhouette

Loss of prey

People hunt the jaguars’ natural prey – so they see jaguars as competition for food. Also, due to the loss of habitat, jaguars sometimes kill cattle, so ranchers regard them as a pest.

Human silhouette


Still poached for their paws, teeth and other parts, which are generally used in traditional Asian medicines.

50%declinein historic range


Deforestation not only reduces the amount of habitat available to jaguars, it also fragments and isolates populations making them more vulnerable to other threats.

How we can help

We’ve worked in the Amazon for over 40 years. We've helped to establish protected landscape mosaics and habitat corridors for wildlife. We also work with local communities and decision makers to help them understand the importance of particular habitats - to encourage them to preserve them.

We’re training local communities to monitor jaguars and other iconic Amazon species. The data they collect helps us to understand the jaguar’s range and status. This information is essential to help us influence decision makers to improve conservation measures in critical areas.

Your adoption and support will help us:

  • develop sustainable livelihoods, like ecotourism, rubber tapping and Brazil nut collection
  • train local communities to monitor jaguars and other iconic Amazon species.
  • educate local communities about how important jaguars are, in an effort to reduce retaliatory killing
  • work with local communities to reduce the problem of people and jaguars coming into conflict.
  • fund our other essential work around the world

Jaguars are excellent swimmers and are known to cross large rivers.

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