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A WWF membership is a brilliant charity gift for any special occasion. For everyone who cares about the natural world, our WWF membership not only supports our work to restore nature and help tackle climate change but provides your gift recipient with expert advice on how they can make a difference in their own life.

With a WWF gift membership your recipient gets:


WWF membership pack

After purchase, we'll send an introductory membership pack to WWF that showcases the incredible work our members are supporting.


Exclusive membership magazine

All WWF members will be updated regularly on the work they are supporting. They'll receive our exclusive membership magazine, Action, three times a year, which provides an in-depth look into our latest work and the progress we’re making.


my action hub

Our My Action hub is an online home for all WWF members. It provides access to the latest information, events, and actions our supporters can take to help drive change.


Sustainable living advice

A WWF membership gives your recipient simple actions they can do to make a difference, whether it’s sustainable (and tasty) recipe swaps or simple ways to make their home more energy efficient.


When you purchase a WWF membership for a loved one, you're choosing a sustainable gift. The packaging used in our welcome packs is always either 100% recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. No plastic is used in our gift packaging, and it is fully recyclable.

Not only is the gift itself sustainable, but the funds we receive help us carry out vital work that protects habitats across the world; from the Amazon rainforest to seagrass meadows in the UK. WWF members are a powerful force that helps us ensure politicians are held to their word and keep their promises to stem catastrophic climate change.



Seagrass captures carbon from the atmosphere up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests, making it a key ally in the battle against climate change. But over the last century, we’ve lost up to 92% of our seagrass meadows from our UK seas. We're turning the tide with the support of our members, and have planted over 1.2m seagrass seeds.

Seagrass bed in clear, shallow water in Wales, UK


The climate and energy team at WWF-UK is at the forefront of campaigning and advocacy to drive changes in policy and legislation for carbon reduction in the UK. Support from WWF members helps us continue campaigning and lobbying our MPs.

Group of people with shovels digging a hole to plant a tree

Protecting UK Nature

Numbers of hedgehogs, birds, butterflies, and bees have plummeted and the UK is now one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. Our members are helping us push for new laws that will restore our precious nature here in the UK.

Orange wildflowers


Through the WWF Basket and WWF’s Retailers’ Commitment for Nature, we are working with the UK’s leading food retailers to halve the environmental impact of UK shopping baskets by 2030. 

Green cabbages growing in a field

Gift membership FAQs

When you buy a WWF membership as a gift, you not only contribute to our efforts in restoring nature and addressing climate change but also provide your gift recipient access to valuable expertise on how to actively make a positive impact in their daily life.

A WWF membership makes for a unique and sustainable gift and is also convenient and pressure-free. You can order online, and the welcome pack will be sent directly to your gift recipient's door.

When you order a membership, a welcome pack will be sent directly to your gift recipient's door, or you can also choose to send it to your address. Your recipient will receive a copy of our membership magazine, Action, three times a year and get access to My Action Hub, an online home for all WWF members.

Whether it’s a membership Christmas gift or membership gifts for parents, you will be helping to bring our world back to life.

We have two types of membership, both of which can be purchased as a gift.