Philanthropy & 2030 Circle

With the support of our philanthropic partners, our work is helping to secure a world where both people and nature thrive.
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Will you join us in the fight to protect our one planet? Each philanthropic gift helps WWF contribute to lasting conservation solutions that will benefit species, people and the environment.  

Make a lasting impact

WWF want to see that nature’s vital signs are improving – that we have halted its decline and nature is recovering. The strong commitment, trust and voice of philanthropists like you is what enables us to continue our work to protect our planet and build a future in which we live in harmony with nature.  

When you make a philanthropic donation to our work, you’ll join a network of like-minded individuals who are as passionate about protecting our planet as we are. Your investment will help make a huge difference to one of our priority programmes, each of which is addressing the urgent climate crisis and driving the change we need to see around the world. Whether protecting forests and the people and wildlife that depend on them, safeguarding endangered coral reefs or equipping the next generation with the tools to fight for their world, we need your support like never before. 

There are a variety of ways to maximise your impact through your philanthropy with WWF. Read on to find more about our 2030 Circle or speak to a member of our dedicated philanthropy team to tailor your funding options to your specific conservation interests by emailing or calling us at (+44) 01483 412424. We look forward to partnering with you in the fight for our world. 

Join the 2030 Circle today

Pledge your philanthropic support to our 2030 Circle with an annual commitment of £5,000 or greater and be part of a group of individuals united around a single goal: to halt the loss of the natural world by 2030 and start building a future where people and nature thrive together on our one planet.

Elephant & Birds Tanzania

Your Gift Will Be Split Across 3 Pillars Of Our Work:

  • Respect the natural world as it is today, and support indigenous communities who can ensure its survival. You’ll do this by funding programmes to tackle issues like the illegal wildlife trade.

  • Restore the habitats and ecosystems that have been lost due to human intervention. You’ll fund initiatives to rehabilitate and replant nature – like our programme to protect and re-establish one trillion trees.

  • Renew our world by embracing new ideas and technologies that help people and nature thrive. You will help renew the African plains by introducing key roaming corridors that seek to increase numbers of black rhino, lion, wild dog and elephant.

If you would like to discuss the details of your gift, please contact Katy Nicholson-Lord via email at

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Get In Touch About The Projects You Can Support

When you directly support a specific WWF project with a high-impact gift of more than £25,000, you’ll make a difference in a conservation area you care about – and you’ll join an exclusive network of donors who are helping us fight for our world, from tackling deforestation in the Amazon to re-establishing seagrass meadows in UK waters.  

Please email or call us at (+44) 01483 412424 to speak to a member of our dedicated philanthropy team and tailor your funding options to your specific conservation interests. We look forward to partnering with you in the fight for our world.