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Adopt a big cat and support big cat protection. You'll be protecting various habitats for both big cats and the other species which rely on them. From just £3 a month you'll be helping bring our world back to life.

A WWF adoption also makes a fantastic gift. Choose from our range of big cat adoptions below.

Choose which big cat to adopt

Support big cat protection by taking out a big cat adoption with WWF UK. Choose from a snow leopard, a tiger or a jaguar. Each species makes a great gift for both adults and kids. For a kids adoption, just choose the 'Under 12' welcome pack at checkout.

Your donation helps us protect big cats

The funds raised from big cat adoptions could help WWF: 

  • restore fragmented areas of habitat (wildlife corridors) so big cat populations can grow
  • strengthen anti-poaching patrols in and around protected areas
  • work with local communities to reduce the risk of big cat conflict with humans


The proceeds from your membership are not restricted to particular conservation projects, so you can be sure your contribution is going to where the funding is most needed.

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