Gentoo penguins on ice
© Chris Johnson / WWF-Aus

Gifts for Nature Lovers & Wildlife enthusiasts

Show a loved one how much you care with a WWF gift, while also helping bring our world back to life. 

Adoption Pack with penguin and panda toy

Wildlife-Themed Gift Ideas

A perfect gift for animal lovers – each adoption comes with a cuddly toy, a welcome pack, regular updates and helps support our vital work.
Patricia Leon surveying rainforest

Gift A WWF Membership

A unique gift for wildlife enthusiasts, a membership will inspire loved ones with a passion for tackling important environmental issues and helps us work to ensure these issues are addressed.
Go Wild logo

Go Wild Junior Membership

Our Go Wild junior membership makes a great wildlife-themed gift for kids. Go Wild is a fun, interactive club for kids to join and learn more about species and the natural world.
WWF shop products featuring animal toys water bottle and coffee

WWF Shop

Our shop features cards and gifts for animal lovers, all inspired by our iconic panda logo and the vital work that your support helps enable us to do.
Looking for gift ideas for the animal lover in your life? Browse our range of gift ideas for wildlife enthusiasts. We have gifts for kids and adults, designed for all occasions from birthdays to Valentine’s day and Christmas.
Our world needs help like never before. We’re destroying our forests, polluting our rivers and oceans, and causing devastating changes to the climate. The impact can be seen at home and around the world in every wildfire, flood and food crisis. But there’s hope.
A WWF gift can help us protect and restore our natural world, keeping it safe for future generations. Give a loved one a gift from WWF, and together we can bring our world back to life.