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Relentless poaching for their horns and loss of their natural habitats, has led to a catastrophic fall in black rhino numbers.

The current poaching crisis in Africa is now so serious that authorities have stopped publicising the location of black rhinos for security reasons.

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Your Adoption Really Helps

Animal adoptions like yours give a huge boost to our work. They not only help fund anti-poaching patrols and our work to stop the illegal trade in rhino horn but also fund our other vital work around the world.

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Africa houses both black and white rhinos, though these names are misleading, based on a mistranslation; both are actually grey. Rhino adoptions also help Asian rhinos. The Javan rhino is the most threatened rhino species with only around 67 left.





Three African rhinos are killed by poaching every day; well over 80 a month.

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Asian rhinos are threatened by the loss of their forest, grassland and marshland habitat – mainly due to human settlements, logging and expanding agriculture.

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The recent surge in rhino poaching is to fuel the increasing demand for rhino horn in Vietnam where it's seen as a symbol of status and wealth.



In southern Africa, droughts are likely to increase which will affect the region's biodiversity.

How We Can Help

We’ve been involved in helping rhinos in Africa since our inception in 1961. We’re supporting anti-poaching measures in rhino habitats and encouraging the pursuit, capture and prosecution of the organised criminal gangs smuggling rhino horn. We also work with TRAFFIC (the wildlife trade monitoring network) to reduce consumer demand for rhino horn.

We’re also working with local communities to help them make an income from their natural resources, including from ecotourism.

Your adoption and support will help us:

  • support vital conservation work throughout key rhino range
  • support effective anti-poaching measures
  • reduce consumer demand for rhino horn
  • fund our other essential work around the world

Rhino close up

Black rhinos have two horns. The front horn is larger - typically around 50cm long, but can grow up to 1.3m!

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