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The perfect gift for planet-loving explorers

When you subscribe to Amazing Planet, you’ll start your children on an incredible round-the-world adventure. Every month, they’ll get an exciting delivery through the letterbox, full of facts, features and fun stuff about what makes Planet Earth so special. And with the Amazing Planet app, they’ll have the chance to bring it all to life – through the power of augmented reality!

Amazing Planet is ideal for children aged 7-11, but fun for the whole family to enjoy.

The proceeds from your Amazing Planet subscription will help protect our world, wherever the need is greatest.

You'll Get

Amazing Planet Welcome Pack


The adventure starts here, with an interactive world map, collectable animal cards and an exclusive Amazing Planet pin badge for your young explorers to wear with pride!

Amazing Planet Welcome Pack


Every month, children will be transported to a different part of the world and get up-close-and-personal with the local wildlife, with the help of themed booklets, interactive animal cards and great gifts.

Amazing Planet App with Map and AR


Our Amazing Planet app adds an extra dimension to the adventure – with photos, videos and quizzes updated monthly and brought to life through augmented reality.

Amazing Planet is an ongoing subscription. You’ll receive regular updates on our work and how you’re helping. After you’ve received your 12 packs, we hope you’ll continue to subscribe and support our mission to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.

We're already making a big difference

sleeping tiger


We are facing a global poaching crisis, but there are successes to celebrate. Wild tiger numbers have begun to increase for the first time in conservation history, and China has committed to ban all trade in ivory.

A forest in the Cerrado is almost fully burned down with barely any vegetation left. A fire still burns in the distance.


Demand for food and agriculture poses one of the biggest dangers to the planet. It is the leading cause of deforestation, destroying countless habitats and threatening wildlife to the point of extinction. You can help support our work to fix our unsustainable food system so that everyone can eat without destroying our planet.

wind farm


Climate change is wreaking havoc on our wildlife and habitats, while putting more and more people's lives and homes at risk. You can help call on world leaders to come together, agree and act to protect nature.



Numbers of hedgehogs, birds, butterflies, and bees have plummeted and the UK is now one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. Help us to push for new laws that will restore our precious nature here in the UK.