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Our oceans are home to incredible wildlife but unfortunately most of our oceans haven't been well managed. This is particularly true in places where capability and resources are limited. Protection and management of our oceans needs to be carefully planned and joined up in order to be effective. That's what we're helping to do, working in conjunction with partners and key stakeholders around the world.

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£5 a month could buy a rain poncho to enable turtle conservation groups in coastal east Africa to work in all weathers.


£10 a month could pay for a blood sample from a polar bear in Svalbard, providing scientists with the hard facts they need to persuade governments to reduce pollution and tackle climate change.


£15 a month could pay for one member of a turtle conservation group to attend the quarterly group meeting where different groups can exchange information and learn from each other.


£20 a month could train a fishing captain on on how to reduce the accidental capture of animals like turtles and dolphins in their fishing gear.

With your help we're already making a big difference

Charting a future for the Arctic's last ice area

One of the most visible signs of climate change is the disappearance of Arctic sea ice. We're working to help protect the "Last Ice Area".

Coastal Kenya

We’ve helped strengthen protected areas and improve the livelihoods of local communities. Marine turtle conservation has been improved, as shown by the number of active turtle conservation groups and protected nests along the coastline.

Beach monitoring units in Tanzania

These units are formed of local people who plan where and how people should fish, monitor activities, making sure there's no "blast fishing" or anything illegal, and they protect turtle nesting beaches.

Save Belize’s endangered Reef

Belize is home to one of the world's most endangered reefs, but this precious World Heritage site is under threat from oil concessions. Along with thousands of WWF supporters, we're campaigning for Belize's prime minister to take action.

Protecting UK Seas

We've been working for over 20 years to secure a network of Marine Protected Areas in the UK.

Sustainable fishing

Overfishing in many parts of the world is devastating marine populations and ecosystems. As the world's largest seafood market, the EU has a critical role to play. For many years we've supported Europe’s goal of building a fair and sustainable system for managing fisheries internationally.

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