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Climate Recovery Fund

Global temperature is at risk of breaking the key 1.5C limit in the next five years. This is your chance to help restore our natural world.  

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Researchers say there’s now a 66% chance we will pass the 1.5C global warming threshold in the next five years. This could be catastrophic for our wildlife, our climate and all of us.

There is still hope for our world, real hope. When you look around and see the damage that’s being done, it’s easy to feel like we’ve left it too late to act on climate change. But if we take the right action, right now, we can address its effects and give our natural world the chance to recover.

We’ll use 100% of your donation to fund vital climate projects

All Climate Recovery Fund donations will go towards climate projects that will help our world recover from the impacts of climate change. 

  • You’ll support projects in the Amazon and polar regions – two areas that hold the key to turning things around.  

  • You’ll contribute to forest restoration projects and work in other habitats worldwide too, giving nature a chance to fight climate change itself.  

  • Lastly, you’ll help fund our UK work, focusing on how we tackle the climate crisis and cost of living at the same time. 

Planting mangrove in Madagascar
© Justin Jin / WWF France

Projects your donation could go towards


Seagrass restoration

Seagrass captures carbon from the atmosphere up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests, making it a key ally in the battle against climate change. But over the last century, we’ve lost up to 92% of our seagrass meadows from our UK seas.

With your support, we’re turning the tide. Together, WWF & Sky Ocean Rescue launched a new pilot project in Wales to restore this important marine habitat. So far Project Seagrass has restored two hectares of seagrass at Dale in West Wales.

Amazon Rainforest

Protecting the Amazon

Protecting the Amazon is about more than just saving a forest. As well as being an irreplaceable home for wildlife, Indigenous peoples and local communities, the Amazon plays a crucial role in our planet’s health and for the future survival of us all.

We're protecting the Amazon by:

  • Supporting nature defenders such as Indigenous communities to monitor and defend their territories and uphold their land rights
  • Assisting local groups to monitor and combat fires and deforestation Monitor and protect priority wildlife populations and habitats
  • Campaigning for an immediate end to deforestation and illegal mining in the Amazon Support the creation of sustainable livelihoods in the Amazon

Aerial view of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.


Could buy
100 seedlings to plant trees in areas that have been destroyed, and restore our life-giving forests.
divers from Project Seagrass gathering seeds from the seabed


Could help buy
the equipment needed to replant seagrass in UK coastal waters and restore marine habitats.
Aerial shot of a winding river, Amazon rainforest, Loreto region, Peru.


Could help fund
training for communities in the Amazon so they can better monitor and protect the rainforests and wildlife around them.
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Climate Recovery Fund FAQs

There is still hope for our world to recover from climate change - if we take action right now we can address the effects of climate change and help bring our world back to life. 

By donating to the Climate Recovery Fund, you'll be contributing to vital climate projects across the world. From projects in the Amazon and Polar regions to forest restoration projects and even work in the UK. You can also take other non-financial action to help take action against climate change, such as writing to your MP.

To donate to WWF's Climate Recovery Fund and help address the effects of climate change, simply choose a donation amount on the on-page widget (you can choose a monthly donation or a one-off donation) and then complete your transaction in our secure online checkout.