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Protect the Amazon.
Protect our Future.

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We cannot afford to lose the Amazon

Right now, the Amazon faces a tipping point. If just 5% more tree cover is destroyed, the forest is likely to decay, dry out and die. And if we don’t protect the rainforest, we accept climate catastrophe. The Amazon is essential for keeping our climate stable. If it collapses, it’s everyone’s problem. An extinction-level event that threatens us all.

That’s why today we’re asking you and the rest of the UK to think big. To take collective responsibility and accomplish three big wins to protect the Amazon. Because together you could help:

3 key objectives - stop deforestation, protect forests & rivers, restore habitats

And ultimately help prevent climate chaos. But we must act now, together. Because every 30 seconds, people destroy an area of rainforest larger than a football pitch. Every 30 seconds, we’re closer to losing our planet’s life-support system.

The Amazon has supported our planet for 10 million years. But the lives it sustains are in jeopardy, and time is running out. Are we the generation that will watch the Amazon rainforest be lost forever?

How you can make a difference

Your support today can help end deforestation. You can help reduce carbon released into the atmosphere. You can rebuild a vital defence against climate disaster.  

You’ll be protecting one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, too. Endangered mammals and birds who rely on the Amazon for food and shelter. The jaguars who rely on the Amazon as their stronghold. The sloths who are vulnerable without the cover of forest trees. The Amazon belongs to everyone – people and wildlife. So, who are we to destroy the habitats of species who have lived on Earth for millions of years?

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A gift from you today will also help Indigenous and local communities whose livelihoods depend on the river. You’ll help to stop contamination from dangerous chemicals, and over time clean, free-flowing waters - the lifeblood of the Amazon - can return.   

WWF has a long history of working hand in hand with Indigenous people, local communities, and governments to protect the rainforest. All the Amazon needs now is you.

Portrait of Mauro Hilares with quote "by restoring the environment I think we are going to save our world"
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The responsibility to stop the Amazon reaching a devastating tipping point is ours.    

If we lose this vital lifeline, we leave current and future generations to face more storms, flash flooding, unstoppable wildfires, and deadly droughts. Without urgent action, we fail to protect the vulnerable wildlife that desperately need our help. And we abandon over 47 million people, including over two million Indigenous people, who call the Amazon home. 

Side portrait of a toco toucan perching on a tree branch
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There’s still hope for our world. When you see the damage, it’s easy to feel like we’ve left it too late to do something about climate change. But if we all take the right action, right now, we can address its causes together. We can give the Amazon and our natural world a chance to recover. Will you help bring our world back to life?

We will use 100% of all donations to this appeal to help protect and restore the Amazon rainforest. If this appeal raises more than is needed, funds will support other vital work – wherever the need is greatest.