We need the Amazon. Please support our Appeal

Outraged by the Amazon fires?! Us too.
Please donate and support our campaign.

Last summer, we watched the Amazon rainforest burn. Over 30,000 fire outbreaks were detected in August alone - an increase of 196% compared to August 2018. Please support our appeal to help us protect the Amazon, and with it, our future. This includes supporting local and indigenous communities and lobbying the government for stronger action in protecting the rainforest.

Donate to the Amazon Appeal


With the money raised, our Amazon teams along with local organisations will carry out work including:

  • Supporting key local and indigenous communities’ needs for medical support, fire-fighter training and security.
  • Working with local governments where possible on procedures for fighting fires and deforestation.
  •  Wildlife monitoring, rescue and recovery care projects
  • Campaigning for stronger action from the government.
  • Supporting restoration and helping build the conditions to combat deforestation and fires in future

We’ll keep reviewing where the money is most needed in the Latin America region, to protect the lungs of our planet.