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One African elephant is poached on average every 25 minutes. We need your support to help stamp out this needless slaughter.

could pay for
a customs officer to attend a workshop on strengthening wildlife law enforcement
could pay to
run a guard’s motorcycle for a month in Kenya
could pay for
a police forensic kit for poaching crime scenes
could pay for
one days sniffer dog training to detect smuggled wildlife products

Around 90% of African elephants have been lost in the past century. That’s a terrifying fact. And it’s mainly due to poaching, driven by the global demand for ivory.

Around 20,000 African elephants are illegally killed each year for their tusks, with most ivory being smuggled to Asia, despite an international trade ban.

You can help us end this needless slaughter. Donate now to help us support rangers in the field who work tirelessly to protect elephants and other threatened wildlife. You will also help us continue to develop vital technology to protect wildlife against what is the fourth largest transnational illegal trade behind drugs, people smuggling and counterfeiting - worth over an estimated £12 billion annually. It is a serious crime that is decimating wildlife populations, threatening local livelihoods and fuelling criminal activity.

We also work to protect these magnificent and intelligent creatures from the other threats they face including habitat loss, climate change and human-elephant conflict. We’re passionate about working with local communities to help elephants and people live safely alongside each other.

Donate now to create a positive future for elephants across Africa and Asia.

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