Major Donors

At WWF, the work we do wouldn't be possible without the support of our major donors. Whether you are a Guardian, a Philanthropist, or one of our wonderful legacy pledgers, your contributions are a huge boost in our mission to create a world where people and nature thrive.


Bornean orangutan
© Richard Barrett / WWF-UK

The Guardians are a group of loyal and generous supporters who each year help fund a specific and vital area of work with a minimum donation of £1,000.

Over the years, WWF Guardians have been instrumental in helping protect disappearing habitats, fragile ecosystems and endangered species.

Join the Guardians today and you’ll play a crucial role in tackling some of the biggest challenges we face. You’ll receive exclusive updates on how the work you support is progressing and invites to special events and talks around the country. 

Join the WWF Guardians this year and help protect the forest homes of orangutans and Bornean elephants. Sabah contains one of the oldest rainforests in the world, dating back 130 million years.

Philanthropy & 2030 Circle

 African elephant on bank of Chobe river

With the support of our philanthropic partners, our work is helping to secure a world where both people and nature thrive.

Will you join us in the fight for our world? Our Philanthropy team is ready to work closely with you to ensure your significant gift to WWF helps create lasting impact for people, wildlife and our one planet.

Become part of the 2030 Circle and stand together with like-minded philanthropic supporters united around a single goal: halt the loss of the natural world by 2030 and begin building a future where people and nature thrive. Or if you have a specific conservation area close to your heart, you can speak to our team directly and discover how you can join our exclusive network of major donors making a difference – from tackling deforestation in the Amazon to protecting endangered coral reefs. 

Legacies and gifts in wills

Panda cubs play in a tree.

Our incredible planet and its beautiful wildlife are in serious danger – which means our work is more vital than ever.

We couldn't do what we do without the support of people who leave us a legacy – in fact, gifts in wills make up about a fifth of all our donated income. They've helped us:

  • Increase the number of tigers in Nepal by around 60% since 2010.
  • Bring rhino numbers in Nepal to their highest for 60 years, and keep poaching of rhinos, elephants and tigers at bay across the country.
  • Reduce the rate of deforestation in Brazil by 75% since 2000.

We all want future generations to enjoy a world where people and nature thrive. Let's make that your lasting gift to the planet.