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Inspire Your Children

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Amazing Planet, the perfect gift for planet-loving explorers - with exciting updates, maps, collectable animal cards, and access to the interactive app, all rolled into one monthly pack.

Amazing Planet

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Amazing Planet Welcome Pack


The adventure starts here, with an interactive world map, collectable animal cards and an exclusive Amazing Planet pin badge for your young explorers to wear with pride!

Amazing Planet Welcome Pack


Every month, children will be transported to a different part of the world and get up-close-and-personal with the local wildlife, with the help of themed booklets, interactive animal cards and great gifts.

Amazing Planet App with Map and AR


Our Amazing Planet app adds an extra dimension to the adventure – with photos, videos and quizzes updated monthly and brought to life through augmented reality.

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  • £10
    could buy
    40 Seedlings
    for forests in Tanzania
  • £25
    could buy
    50 syringes
    for wildlife blood sampling
  • £100
    could pay for a
    hand-held GPS
    to map turtle nests
  • £200
    could pay for a
    dog handler training
    for one month